Heaven Baby Diapers


Heaven disposable baby diapers help mommy to give baby total comfort, dryness and protection with its unique Total Leak Control System (TLC). It is a three-way system that controls the flow of liquid, quickly absorbs and locks it and stops wetness for total leak protection. This is how mommy gives baby Tender Love and Care. Heaven disposable baby diapers have breathable cottony cover to provide a tender love and care for babies.

babyHeaven disposable baby diapers have side leak guards to provide protection against leaks at the legs. It also has a highly absorbent blue core pad that works to ensure maximum dryness by quickly absorbing urine and locking it away. Heaven disposable baby diapers have anti-leak channels that help control the flow of fluid and help prevent leaks. Heaven disposable baby diapers have an elastic waistband to provide comfortable fittings on babies. It also has a security tape that makes the diaper easy to use and adjust for a snug fit.

Heaven is available in several sizes:
Small : 3-7 Kg
Medium : 6-11 Kg
Large : 9-14 Kg
Extra Large : Above 12 Kg